The Player Hides His Past


The Player Hides His Past is an action, adventure, comedy, fantasy Korean manga. This manhwa has its art drawn by the talented artists of midnight studio. In the year 2022, it first began releasing its chapters and reached a high-rated position in such a short time.

The Player Hides His Past follows an ordinary salary man. He is an office clerk. However, his two worlds, one of virtual reality and the other being his real world, collided, leading to him being stuck in an unexpected situation, and he was forced to make choices.

He used to play a game called History of the Archana Continent. He finds that that world has become real, and all the players who had made characters in that game have now become players in the game, including him, who has become Grandfell Claudi Arpeus Romeo. In an ordinary situation, this whole thing would have ended up being a total failure as it is not a sustainable career. But he ends up continuing with his assigned role of hunting demons and being the only demon hunter, and he continues to head ahead and face those demons head-on.